Saturday, October 5, 2013

Quarterly Update - Oct 2013

The portfolio is still doing very well. Aastra Technologies (AAH) has done amazingly well. We have now more than doubled our money on Aastra, including the special dividend that was issued in August.

Brampton Brick is still the problem child (the only stock in the red), but it is still making money so we will keep it.

There is one new stock to the portfolio this quarter - TVA Group (TVA.B) which was $8 at the time of selection. They are a subsidiary of Quebecor media and operate French-language TV stations, as well as being part-owner of Sun News Network.

TickerNameIndustry# Shares
IEIImperial Equities IncDrug Retailers232
AAHAastra Technologies LtdTechnology Equipment51
GDLGoodfellow IncApplied Resources115
BBL.ABrampton Brick LtdConstruction Materials179
PFBPFB CorporationChemicals179
ALCAlgoma Central CorpTransportation68
VCMVecima Networks IncTechnology Equipment225
TVA.BTVA Group Inc
Broadcasting & TV

Detailed performance data can be seen on the Google spreadsheet.