Sunday, July 7, 2013

Quarterly Update - July 2013

The portfolio continues to do well this quarter. It's up 4.33% (including dividends) since the beginning of the year, while the TSX is down 1.47% (including dividends).

Brampton Brick is still the only stock in the red (if you include dividends). However, their earnings for the past year are positive so they remain in the portfolio despite two successive losing quarters.

Unfortunately, I think my screener may have made a mistake in selecting Algoma Central corporation. Its market cap is 544M at the moment, and I can't imagine it grew by a factor of 10 in only 6 months. However, as it currently fits the criteria to keep a stock in the portfolio, I'll keep it. If it grows much more it will have to be sold (600M market cap).

There were no changes to the portfolio this quarter, and no stocks have been put on probation yet.

TickerNameIndustry# Shares
IEIImperial Equities IncDrug Retailers232
AAHAastra Technologies LtdTechnology Equipment51
GDLGoodfellow IncApplied Resources115
BBL.ABrampton Brick LtdConstruction Materials179
PFBPFB CorporationChemicals179
ALCAlgoma Central CorpTransportation68
VCMVecima Networks IncTechnology Equipment225

Detailed performance data can be seen on the Google spreadsheet.