Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quarterly Update - April 2013

This quarter has gone well for the portfolio. It's up 2.57% (including dividends), compared to a 0% total return for the TSX. Including dividends, all stocks are in the green except for Brampton Brick. Vecima Networks issued a $1/share special dividend, which helped a lot - based on price alone, it's down 11%. But with the dividend, it's still net positive.

The quarterly review found one new stock to add. It's a very small company ($41M market cap) called Imperial Equities (ticker IEI on the TSX), which seems to do oil sands real estate as well as pharmaceuticals. Strange mix, but it fits our criteria so it is added to the portfolio.

For our existing stocks, three of them lost money last quarter but all still had positive earnings for the past 12 months, so nobody's on probation yet.

The updated portfolio is as follows:

Ticker Name Industry # Shares
IEI Imperial Equities Inc Drug Retailers 232
AAH Aastra Technologies Ltd Technology Equipment 51
GDL Goodfellow Inc Applied Resources 115
BBL.A Brampton Brick Ltd Construction Materials 179
PFB PFB Corporation Chemicals 179
ALC Algoma Central Corp Transportation 68
VCM Vecima Networks Inc Technology Equipment 225

Detailed performance data can be seen on the Google spreadsheet.