Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 2012 - Starting List

The current list of stocks selected by the method is as follows:

Ticker Name Industry
AAH Aastra Technologies Ltd Communications & Networking
GDL Goodfellow Inc Forest & Wood Products
BBL.A Brampton Brick Ltd Construction Materials
PFB PFB Corporation Commodity Chemicals
ALC Algoma Central Corp Marine Freight & Logistics
VCM Vecima Networks Inc Communications & Networking

To track the portfolio, I will take a sum of $10,000 and divide it such that $1000 is invested in each stock (or as close as possible). There are only 6 stocks selected by the initial screen, meaning $4000 will remain in "cash" and will be used to purchase new stocks in future quarters, if appropriate. 

Performance will be tracked on a Google spreadsheet, so it can be viewed at any time and will always be up to date. I'll do the initial "buys" on Dec 31 sometime during the day, and the starting price will reflect the ask price at the time I check it. Once a quarter I'll update the buy/sell list here on the blog.

Interestingly, Aastra & Vecima seem to be very similar businesses, both of them making communications technology for businesses. And Goodfellow, Brampton Brick, and PFB are all involved in construction. So it's not a very diversified portfolio, but such are the hazards of value investing.